Life Coach & A Company

Emotionele fitness, ontdek en boost je innerlijke krachtenLife Coaching is suitable when you’re interested in healthy and happy personnel. As a leader you are striving for the following:

    • Prove and promote the image of a healthy company in practice.
    • Supportive and constructive relationship as the fundamental basis of the corporate culture.
    • Supporting your colleagues with stress management and burnout prevention.
  • Radical change through constructive and efficient self management.

It’s an exciting transformation of your company into the best possible version it can be which will positively reflect on innovation, creativity and productivity.


Focus on Energizers: how to switch focus from what you don’t want to what you do want, from obstacles to opportunities. From what you can’t do to what you can and will do.

  • How to influence the others to follow you in a story that makes you and other involved actors stronger.
  • A story that makes you grow towards each other and helps to create a fulfilling dialogue.

Mental & Physical Fitness: how to change negative emotions to positive, so you can get happy results and experience fulfillment, energy, growth when walking the path.  How to get up after a fall by shifting its meaning, physiology, focus. You will learn the skills, strategies and tools how to own your story. How to stand on the arena of life with absolute certainty that there is always a way:

  • to change,
  • to grow and
  • to share

the gifts only you have. In the times of challenge you will always know: you are already approved, you can only improve.

Meaningful Leadership: break through the hardwired and embedded thinking that once led to success.  Learn the power of your ultimate resourcefulness. Train yourself to use your unique and unlimited creativity and how to appeal to it with your team. You will learn what ignites and motivates people and how to create a vision that elevates and sustains not only you, but also the members of your team at every level.

Imagine yourself being:

  • absolutely certain and
  • empowered

to step into any situation knowing that you are able to make a real difference not only in your life, but also in the life of other people. In the times of quick change, uncertainty and challenge it’s very important to become the ultimate satellite skilled to bring your story, the story of your team to the next level.



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