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AUTHOR – Nataliya Dolinska – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Mentor

How come some people get lucky to find ideal job so effortlessly and some not?

Like the Universe itself helps them with it. It’s like some people are meant to have all that luck and some people aren’t… 

But what if it’s not so much that those who are lucky, have something special or who they are or know, but their ability to receive and therefore to recognize their chance/luck. Receiving help, advice or expressions of care make you feel uncomfortable. 

What if those who are “not lucky” simply have a problem with receiving in general. As a result when the Universe sends its support it doesn’t seem to work. 

Open up to Connect First 

How the problem with receiving is related to finding your ideal work, you could say. Well, let’s see first what it is in fact, the ideal work. 

Practically it means a perfect match between You and all what Work represents. Including the employer and the conditions…  😉 That also means a perfect fit of the size, shape, characteristics and expectations from both sides. Think of a key and the keyhole. If they don’t fit the door won’t open.

The world is dual. Keeping that in mind we understand that like the key Giving is the energy an act that is directed outside of you towards something. And receiving is the energy that absorbs the energy of giving(receives). And if you are not open to receiving (thus being absorbed), connectivity won’t happen and consequently the magic of potential luck/effortless/a click won’t be created. 

So when we speak of getting a perfect job as a matter of luck and you happen to have troubles with receiving in general, it means that even if there is any luck in its potential at a particular moment, you will most probably miss it. Or even not recognize, or sabotage your chance or maybe even reject it. Because your radar to receive is not functioning adequately. 

It’s all in the Meaning 

Having troubles receiving (help, care…even gifts) is usually formed still in your childhood. Often these are people who had authoritative parents brought up in the terms of must and duty, social blueprint, the role model of people who we respect where the only way to be considered a good person is to give, to give and to take care of other people. And that doesn’t include YourSelf. 

To make a long story short in the end it boils down to the point where receiving for you for some reason has some negative meaning. This meaning is like a thin invisible but unbreakable tissue that separates You from the Positive Outcome (that perfect match)that is meant for You and exists in the library of possibilities of the Universe. It’s like that key for that keyhole that is especially crafted for each other. But there is this tissue between that won’t allow the key to find and get inside the keyhole. So the MATCH can’t happen. 

That invisible but unbreakable tissue is the negative meaning you have for receiving. 

Is it really that Unbreakable? 

The good news is it is not unbreakable. Here the steps you can take to change that once and forever. 

  1. First, understand Your True Identity. 

Ask yourself:

  • How do you see giving?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Does it mean respect, strengths, power, confidence that You Can? And if you can you are strong and therefore respected, worthy? For some people respect means loved. 

Now ask yourself:

  • How do you see receiving?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Does it mean you are in need and therefore weak, therefore a loser, unworthy, therefore not loved? 

You see, if you see yourself as a strong and capable person and the only way they told you to be that person is to give – you will naturally have difficulties with receiving. Otherwise you will feel conflict with the way you see yourself, your Identity. This way naturally you won’t be able to receive and enjoy the gifts and care sent to you by the Universe. So to speak that luck, that effortless match and gain. 

2. Second, understand the True Nature of receiving.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with receiving help, (being taken) care, gifts, luck… In its nature it’s pure and as beautiful as giving. There is no truth by its own in such interpretations like: asking/receiving help or care is for losers. It means you are weak, stupid … If it’s the way you also think, then you need to know that such meanings are put into your head by people who themselves didn’t know how to receive. Most probable they were brought up with the belief that the only way they can be enough and worthy of love is when you give. They simply didn’t have the chance to appreciate the beauty and the magic power of genuine receiving!

Giving and Receiving is the Same Thing

Let’s see what really happens when you are truly open to receiving. For that just look around and observe someone you just gave and who knows how to receive genuinely and unconditionally. 

He experiences a strong sensation of gratitude and joy. He starts transmitting this through his body language and words. You can see it in his eyes. At that very moment of receiving he’s actually giving You something extraordinary back. His Joy. And you, being a great giver are naturally enjoying that sensation of it as well. With other words the moment you give you are receiving yourself!

You see, GIVING & RECEIVING are the sides of the same medal.
It is one the same power. Weak or looser, or unworthy doesn’t even enter the picture when we speak of genuine unconditional art of receiving. 

So if you too want to experience luck, chance, effortless in your life which is meant for you by potentiality, open up to unconditional art of receiving. As it’s a priceless gift you can give to YourSelf. As it’s going to shift not only your professional perspectives, but the whole life: your relationship, your health…  

Because this way not only you will be taking care of others, but you also will be taking care of You. And that in the harmonious loving way that your true identity of a great giver defines. 

The great giver will become a magnificent receiver at the same time. In this only way the Universe will be able to enter real You to connect so the perfect match can finally take place.  

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