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Love, perfect health, relationship, money, happiness, courage, joy, success, … The life we all are dreaming about starts with the way you start your day and the state you start your day with. It’s as simple as it sounds and is as difficult as you make it. When we wake up every day, we can set up our day for worries, anger,  anxiety and expectations. Or for joy, confidence, courage, determination, love and contribution.

Here a couple of things you could do to set up the course of your day towards the life you want. Do it every day and your whole life will change.

  • Make your bedroom the oases, the Holy Grail where you  only rest. That means no tv, no mobile, no computer.
  • If you are using the alarm to wake up, choose the one which helps you wake up in quiet and gradual way. Luckily these days with the technology we have this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Once you are awake do not grab your phone, do not put on the news. Do not allow the outside world to feed your mind with bad and negative energy. Do not allow  the outside world to define your mood for the day.
  • Before you get out of bed make sure you get into the physical state of elevated energy and gratitude first. Just sit for a moment in your bad and think of anything you could be thankful for. It doesn’t need to be something extraordinary. Suppose you met someone who made difference in your life or a moment when you were especially happy. Maybe you’ve won a lottery or maybe you have found a solution that changed it all. Or maybe it’s just clean sheets in your bed, ability to walk, to dance, to hear the sound of the wind, to touch the face of your child. Anything that you could be grateful for. Get your head clean, get your mind in that framework.
  • Send this energy to your beloved ones, your family. Then expand the circle to your colleagues, your friends, your clients, to the entire world.
  • When being in that state think of a small win from the day before that you could feel good about. Maybe you made someone laugh, maybe you helped somebody with something or maybe you’ve resisted the temptation of saying something that would hurt. Think about it and thank that part of you for being that way.
  • The next step would be to ask yourself what are the three things that you would like to get done today or tomorrow or in a month and imagine what it would be like, if you’ve already accomplished them. How would you feel? How would it impact the others? How would it look like?  Imagine it so vividly, so you can actually feel it in your body, feel its presence.
  • After that I’d go and do some physical exercise: yoga, jogging…  This will feed your body and give it the energy and flexibility you will need for a day. Eventually make a GET to DO list and make the first step to realization TODAY.

Find your own healthy routine and set a day for joy, happiness, success and fulfillment.

AUTHOR – NATALIYA DOLINSKA – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Inspirational Mentor.

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