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Love, appreciation and respect are the key elements to make you feel good and happy, don’t you think so? Imagine you could always have it in any kind of situations, under any circumstances. You will ask how it is possible? There are so many ways to learn to appreciate yourself for what you are instead of what you are supposed to be. One of the most wonderful and easiest reachable sources in my eyes are aphorisms and old folk sayings. Let’s take a closer look at one of them.

“If you don’t treat yourself like a princess, nobody will”. Imagine you would really put it into practice. Wouldn’t it make a difference in how you feel about yourself? Or the very best boss you wish you had who gives you directions, because that makes everything easier and clear. Or a coach helping you to be the best version of yourself, to bring yourself to the next level, to motivate you, to inspire.

Imagine now that it wasn’t you who’s a princess but your own very best friend. Wouldn’t you be lucky having someone who understands you completely and utterly, shows his appreciation for all what you do, your efforts, your patience. Who stands by you, supports you, speaks to you, listens to you, gives you the necessary attention, feeling of comfort, connection and love. Admires and respects your guts, your support, your bravery. Gives you recognition and respect. He/she is always thinking about your long-term well-being. You are friends with yourself. There is no fear of rejection, of misjudgment. Your friend is always there for you when you need him, he’s never out of reach or hangs on you. Your friend reminds you not to be too hard on yourself, stay true to your identity and your new self, be loving and forgiving to yourself. He/she shows full appreciation for the efforts you do to stay the best version of yourself. Stands up for you when people are too demanding. Reminds of what is really important to you, what your life is about. This is health, harmony, the balance, joy, love, dreams, growth. He/she forgives you if you were too harsh on yourself or didn’t succeed the first or even second time. On the other hand your best friend doesn’t accept excuses like “Well, there is nothing I can do…”, “This doesn’t count…” or “Everybody does it”.

Ask yourself, what kind of a person you would really really always want to have by your side to make sure you see your changes through. Become such a person for yourself. It really makes a huge difference in your permanent state and many things become very clear.

So, you better switch off that disruptive habit of telling yourself “I‘m not good enough” or “If I had a real friend”.  Instead create a momentum when you are in trouble and be your very best FRIEND to yourself.

AUTHOR – NATALIYA DOLINSKA – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Inspirational Mentor.

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