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AUTHOR – Nataliya Dolinska – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Inspirational Mentor.

We all strive for better quality in our lives. Also in our relationship.

Often it seems, that achieving such improvements would depend on the circumstances of our lives. The answers are outside of you… However, the quality of your life truly is not necessarily based on the quality of your circumstances; it’s based on your mental and emotional filters that have determined your perception of the outside world.

Your filters affect the way you see the world, and are determined over time by a variety of factors. Regardless of your cultural origin, or the location where you live and work, we all have filters unique to our own lives. That is true. What is also true, is that we can consciously decide to reassess and change these filters over time. That is to say, you can’t control what happens to you in life, but you can control how you mentally and emotionally react to life events.

All human beings are driven by the same needs. What differs among each of us, however, is how we value these needs and the beliefs we hold about the world around us.

Here are some questions you could ask yourself to align with the current situation, and see if your belief system is helping or rather holding you back from the desired result. Take a look at how communication style can change the outcome.

What are my current beliefs about people?  

Suppose you value connection with other people very high, but something is holding you back to open up, to start a conversation or follow a group…. Ask yourself what are your beliefs around people in general, what do you believe how they are? Do you see people as a friend, a source of inspiration, fun? Or rather selfish or stupid or treacherous…

How are your current beliefs serving you and those around you?

Whatever your current beliefs are, they are serving a purpose. Ask yourself, is what I believe in actually helping me to do? How does it serve me? Is it helping me to build connections with people around me or is it rather stopping me from doing so? How much do I feel at ease, when I find myself in a new environment? What do I believe can happen, when I meet people who seem to be different from myself? How do I act towards them? Do I tend to share, contribute into their story, and open up? Or rather do I take distance from sharing or shutdown?

What is something I can do for someone today, so I can make rapport easily?

Peoples nature is to give. Notice how whenever you achieve something, the first thing most of us do, is we want to share that triumph with someone else, so we are not alone in the light of happiness. That’s how we fill ourselves up and find our fulfillment. Human nature requires from us to give.

If you want to change the way you experience the world, or the quality of your interactions with people, ask yourself; what is something I can do for someone today so can make rapport easily?

If you desire to design a bigger positive impact on the quality of your relationship with the world around you, whether it be your professional or personal life, what decisions can you make today that could potentially serve this purpose?

By rewiring the roots of these filters, you can begin to change your habitual perception patterns, in regard to any of your needs that you value. One of the most effective ways of achieving this, is by asking yourself good life questions.

Get courageous! Time to become the best version of yourself. Because the world needs that special beat that only you have.

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