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We, people are all unique. We think differently, we like different things. We also have different natural dynamics to express ourselves with other people. Partly it’s due to our conditioning, but in the first place it’s the energy you are born with. It’s your biological reserve if you want.

In the moment of interaction you can adapt your dynamics to the level of energy of the other person, but only for a while. Because no one can live and maintain permanently something that is truly unnatural to him. And if you do, in the long term it will have unfortunate impact for your physical and mental well-being. And could also reflect on your relationship as well.

That’s why it’s very important to:

  • One: recognize your natural energy dynamics typical for you,
  • Two: embrace it as good enough and then
  • Three: to learn to manage it wisely in harmony with other people, but in line with YOUR personality. I’m a person of great passion. Passion is my emotional home. It’s the foundation for me to learn,  to work and to create. Passion is speed, passion is hot. Sometimes it’s also loud 😉 It doesn’t mean that I can’t be quiet, slow or still. What it does means is that when I’m dealing with things that are important to me, I’ll be putting the energy in it that might seem too much, too loud, too fast for another person with naturally lower energetic dynamics. It might be therefore this person will react negative on it. The question is not so much if I’ve the ability to slow down at such moment, which I obviously do, but how do I manage my energy in general and especially in such situations in such a way that I don’t feel like I need always to wear somebody’s else choose. if someone tells you that you are “too loud” with a hint of negative connotation it could be true for that person. So no point to argue about that. But what else could it mean for your life quality? It could mean that apparently the topic you are discussing at that moment could be of a greater importance to you than you thought. Maybe you should pay closer attention to that and see what is it exactly that is so important to you that you get so “loud” about it. See how can you spend more energy on that.

What concerns me, I’m a person of great passion and my bio-dynamic is hot.  And that energy serves me to satisfy my hunger for growth, to become the best version of myself. It serves me to help you to become the best version of yourself so you can create life and business you love.

Author NATALIYA DOLINSKA – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Inspirational Mentor.

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