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Yesterday I met this wonderful woman who lives life in the situation that many people would consider her lucky to be there.  Although she describes it as “living in a box”. Then I thought to myself that I could describe the life of many people these days with this metaphor.

How many people aren’t in a therapy. They are told: “You’ve got loose weight, you’ve got to exercise. It will give you more confidence, you will feel better, look more attractive, have more energy. You are tired. It’s impossible to feel passion if you are exhausted. So what are you going to do?” “Well, I’m going to hire the best trainer, I’m going to start planning…” One week later he’s still planning… You know what I mean?

You don’t need the best trainer or a long plan. You just need to MOVE! We live in the society where nobody moves anymore. They get injured by typing. Taking up a pencil it’s a really oh-oh-oh-effort! It-hurts-my-finger-experience 🙂

We do not live in a way that we are created for. We are born in a way to run, to jump, to carry things, to create. To do things that make us move all our body. Today we have a life in the box.

You wake up in a box, you have breakfast in a box, you turn on a box to watch at home, at work, on the train. You get your box car or take a box train and you get to run you box office. You take the other box elevator, you don’t use the stairs of cause. You talk to the box, go to the box meeting. You have a box to type, listen to a music box. Type on the box, message on the box. So, it’s not hard to figure out why are we getting fat and why feel tired and why we are building assists in our body by consuming too much food we don’t need and in which there is no life any more.

This is not about How. This is about Why.

For some people success relates to standing out. For some people success relates to fitting in. Both are right.  Because 80% of succeeding at anything at all is your MINDSET, your psychology  and only 20% is mechanics.  It’s the beliefs you have guiding your decisions.

You don’t need to wait for 1st of January to start new life. TODAY is the RIGHT DAY to START.

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Author – Nataliya Dolinska – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Inspirational Mentor

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