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AUTHOR – Nataliya Dolinska – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Inspirational Mentor.

Often people believe that their behaviour is who they are. Therefore they keep wondering all their life about their true identity.

Below you’ll find an exercise that I do sometimes with my clients helping them to find their true identity and separate from their behaviour. It always feels right in your bones, when you are genuine with yourself. One of the most beautiful inner dialogues I share with you in this article.

What would be your answers to these questions?

Curious About Your True Identity? Try and see it for yourself.

Feel free to share the results under this post!


Imagine, it’s a typical working day. Imagine your working place. Imagine it so vivid as if you were there.

Where am I? In the park with my client.

What do I do? I’m walking next to him helping understand what he is about and what is his blockage about. I help him see that there are other ways to see things, to express himself and his needs and good ways to get rid of pain and find pleasure. I help him to accept himself as good enough and connect with who he really is. I try to show how much he has in common with other people and is different at the same time.

What is the belief behind of what I do?

If he can accept himself as he is, he will find peace, comfort and love for himself. Being in that state of being you feel free to choose the ways that may be not necessarily comfortable or easy but they feel right and they feel truly yours. As any other choice will not be yours. 

I believe suffering is a waste of life. Life is a gift. You didn’t choose to have it. But it’s your choice how you spend it. And it’s very very sad to go without having sung your song. 

I believe you have the right and the freedom by birth to choose to live in a beautiful state. Not to make this choice is just plain stupid.

Why is it so important to me to sing my song, to accept yourself?

Then you are in your best state of being. And the world and you can enjoy You For Who You Are. In that state of being you are free to make any choice you want regardless of the circumstances. Then you don’t try to do like yourself, but you become yourself. Then you just know that who you are is that very freedom of choice. 

Who am I?

I’m free and one with my body and mind and the world. I’m the energy that supports life on this planet and gives light to all its glory and beauty. I’m a star and I shine, because this is what the star does. Even on the clouded sky it remains itself. It just shines. 

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