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400000 Ago man moved only to get from point A to point B. From an evolutionary-biological point of view pointless physical exercise is stupid. “The weather is nice today, I think I’m going for a run” said no caveman ever. He had to save his calories until he needed them to chase animals. That’s why people don’t like to work out.

Yet, physical exercise is the best medicine there is. It makes you fitter, bring balance to your emotional fitness and that is extremely important.

If you decide to turn physical exercise into a habit on a regular basis, it’s vital to choose this activity out of pleasure and not because of a trend or a rational reason. Forget about extra kilo’s and a slim figure for a moment. If you move enough and regularly, combined with emotional fitness exercises, your weight will normalize inevitably. But if you want healthy living to become your lifestyle, you should focus on the elevating emotion of the process itself. Choose wisely therefore and go for pleasure, go for fun. Maybe think about the sport you liked in your childhood. An environment that attracted you. Finally, choose something you believe you can still do regularly in 3 years. Without constantly having to convince yourself to do it.

We eat more after a workout: carbohydrates to refill our sugar reserves and proteins to restore our muscles. We think we deserved it: a hotdog or a local beer is allowed after riding a 100km. And that’s the trap you have to watch out for! If you should choose a snack, go for a light meal, like a chicken filet with salad.

When you eat:

  • make sure the portion enough to fulfill 75% of your hunger
  • eat slowly, listen to your body, give yourself the time to fully enjoy every bite
  • think of all good things and the satisfaction you get from this effort. that feeling is your reward. You deserve it.

Ideally, finish every intense physical exercise with 15min of yoga and 5min of meditation.

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