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The essence of separate food consumption is not mixing foods from two product categories. These are proteins and carbohydrates.

There’s also another group of products apart from these two categories: neutrals. They can be combined with the other two. That group contains fat dairies, animal fats, fruits, dried fruits, fresh vegetables, herbs, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, olives, herbal tea, asperges, onions, garlic and mineral water.

A group of protein rich food contains the following products: milk, light cheese, meat, fish and shellfish, mushrooms, beans, soy and soy products, nuts… Milk contains the least proteins for example.

A group of fast carbohydrates rich food contains the following products: bread, potatoes, pasta, quinoa, lentils, beans, chickpeas, cereals.

Actual good combinations:

  • Fish + vegetables
  • Meat + vegetables
  • Cheese + vegetables
  • Carbohydrates + vegetables

In consequence:

  • You eat more vegetables
  • You eat less fast carbohydrates like potatoes, bread and pasta
  • Food digests better because of the simple combinations
  • It brings balance in a world of excess. It brings peace.

It takes about 5-7 hours for meat to digest. For apples it’s only 30 min.

Pepsin is the most important ferment necessary for ingesting proteins (meat, eggs, fish, cheese). Our body produces pepsin when the stomach wall is stretched, thus when you’ve eaten something and your stomach is full. If you only eat a small piece of meat, the stomach walls aren’t stretched. That’s why meat combined with vegetables is ideal.

Follow those small tips and keep it up with light stomach.

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