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AUTHOR – Nataliya Dolinska – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Mentor.

Who are you? It’s a question that I believe, many of us ask ourselves at certain points in life. According to the understanding of Love LifeStyle, driven by love, contribution beyond yourself and growth we need a holistic approach to impact positively our well-being. Well-being in the context of Love LifeStyle is more than just body or mind, or financial stability. You can’t truly enjoy life if you have a habit of bringing you constantly in your doing to a place of depletion.

Love LifeStyle is a set of practices, definitions and rules that enhance the stability and prosperity of all domains of the human being that can be described as 4 universes. 

There are 4 universes of the human being nature:

  • Mindset = your thoughts to calibrate
  • Healthset = physicality to optimize
  • Heartset = your emotional wiring to purify
  • Soulset = spirituality to escalate  


If your mindset is ok, but your heartset is toxic –  your emotional home is guilt, shame, anger, resentment –  then you won’t have traction and your health and your soul will consequently suffer. In the long term it’ll lead to a place of depletion.  If you want to master your interior empire so you can experience with joy and confidence the exterior empires, then you must work first on your human being instead of your human doing. You need to get rid of negative beliefs.

As doing is simply a part of human nature, it’ll come any way and the result, the quality of it is directly related to the quality of your being. It’s the human being that decides what you do or not do. So you need to learn to free and expand the nature of your being in order to succeed with your doing.

If you want a certain change in the way you do, you need to learn to master your being. And therefore you need to escalate your soulset to be at your best.

Soul, there is nothing mysterious about it. In fact it means I’m going to turn off the voice of my ego, so my primary source of everything is my pure potentiality. And my ultimate leading voice is my pure awareness of my potentiality and the power of it. Driven by a higher part of me I grow and contribute within and beyond myself. 

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