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Hustle is one of the most popular lifestyles of modern western society. Hustling around many people mistakenly believe that doing that means being productive. The truth is hustle meaning productivity is a delusion. There is no proof whatsoever that hustling around makes you productive. What it certainly does and is it’s making your body-mind ineffective, the loss of energy is certain and escalating. That leads to immediate imbalance and negatively affects your well-being and health in the long term.  

Hustling around is the lifestyle that needs our conscious attention and understanding of what causes it. It also needs to be transformed into something more sustainable and effective that allows you to be grounded, energized and a long term runner. 

We need to stop the madness and neurotic behaviour of human doing and go back to our true nature of creative human beings where there is enough place for a pause and pleasure. Self care is health care of the future. It’s time to create rituals that support your body-mind and open up your potential for less but happier and effective and elevating.

Now, what could you do to avoid depletion?

And yet, if you are courageous and brave to admit that for the last decades a story of human doing applies to you and you are ready for the next level, congratulations! You’ve just done one of the biggest and the most challenging shifts in your mind. It’s time to slow down and become your own OBSERVER. 


  • Where is my focus?  Remember, where the focus goes, the energy flows!
  • How does my reaction now actually contribute to my well-being, my happiness? And to my relationship with… ? And to my purpose? Is this reaction actually the best version of myself? 
  • Is it even true what I think it means? What else could it mean? 
  • Could it be that his tone simply reminds me of something or somebody bad from the past and just react on it? 
  • Who do I want to be in this situation?

Asking these questions gives you a few seconds to take control over your automatic reaction and redirect your energy. Also on the level of your body. This way your body gets time to reset and to reconnect with new information that comes now from the answers you gave during the thinking process. As a result it’ll impact your state also on the chemical and neurological level and your body will start sending different signals to your heart and so to your brain. That will trigger new thoughts. This way you’ll convert your state into elevating and constructive.

Once you’ve asked those few control questions pause. Take a deep breath and remind yourself: where attention goes, the energy flows. Focus on the result you want, or who you want to be in this situation!

Now you are back in the driving seat and can choose to direct your energy consciously instead of letting it flow spontaneously.


  • What could I value even more than… (first reaction)?
  • What do I want to achieve: How do I WANT this to end and in which STATE do I want to BE when I achieve it? 

The last step would be to ask YourSelf:

  • What is the most effective way for me now to respond so I manifest my values and let the best part of me handle this situation?
  • Where do I want my energy flow?

The life secret of Love Lifestyle is to master the skill to channel your energy into the direction that aligns with the best version of YourSelf – no matter what. With other words to go on your flow. With the best I mean that feels aligned and in harmony with Your True Self and that is constructive. Emotionally, mental and physically.

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Author – Nataliya Dolinska – Transformation & Love LifeStyle Inspirational Mentor.

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